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Are you looking for a new challenge?

“I am a big fan of fast execution and hate bureaucracy. Finally, I am really excited about the developments in technology and therefore always wanted to work in a place, where technological progress is pushed forward.”

- Benji, VP Markets

Who we are

We are Joblift: With more than 4 million users, we are now THE job board and true experts for job searches in the blue and grey collar sector.

We do everything we can to find the perfect match and make the recruitment process easier, faster and more transparent - for both sides. For millions of vacant jobs, we find the right candidates on over 4,000 channels based on performance.

Our new JobCoach now provides job seekers with even better matches and the possibility to apply for one or more jobs at any time and from anywhere, without further effort and with just one click.

We are an energetic and entrepreneurial team over 70 people at our locations in Hamburg and Berlin, led by the experienced founder Lukas Erlebach (CEO), Denis Bauer (CTO), Tim Lemke (COO) and Tobias Welzel (CCO) who most recently held C-Level or management positions at companies such as Zalando,, Microsoft, Stepstone, Indeed and

Additionally, Joblift is backed by a number of highly reputed VC-funds including DN Capital (e.g Endeca, Shazam, Quandoo), Picus Capital (e.g. Getsurance, Nested), Cherry Ventures (e.g. Zalando, Auto1), b-to-v (e.g. Facebook, Xing) and TruVenturo (e.g. HomeToGo, Finanzcheck) as well as industry leading business angels.

What to expect

Ownership & Accountability

Every single employee plays a vital role in the company and is encouraged to feel responsible for their projects.

Eagerness & Curiosity

We are eager to learn and educate each other, to grow in our capabilities and take on new challenges and thereby achieve the best outcome possible.


From organising workshops to planning drinks, we’re all hands-on and willing to take initiative with a holistic view of our start-up.

Meet our team

“It is a unique group…

It is a unique group of enthusiastic, hard-working, very smart individuals, who motivate me to reach my full potential every day.”

👨🏻‍💻 Konstantinos Baloumis
Director JobBoard & Programmatic - BeNeFra

Working at Joblift

Regular off-sites and team events

Great view of the cities of Berlin and Hamburg

Community space to hang out and have a match!

Our values


We’re all involved in the company’s development and identify with our mission, and every person is respected for who they are.


Everyone is informed about important decisions and we appreciate sincere and candid feedback.


We empower and trust our employees to act and represent the company in the best way possible.

Jiny Kim

Head of HR

0157 8052 8581

Any questions?
Drop Jiny a message.

Pappelallee 78/79
10437 Berlin

Große Reichenstraße 27
20457 Hamburg

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